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The word “Sarvaanga” means all portions of the body. Hence this asana is the one to give an all round benefit. Any body can do this, quite comfortably for a minimum of ten minutes. 


  1. Spread a blanket length wise.
  2.  Lie down on the blanket length wise.
  3.  Raise both legs evenly.
  4.  Place the palms on the sides so that the legs can be raised further and support them.
  5.  Raise the body till the chest touches the chin. If it is correctly done the body will give about 80 degrees angle to the head.
  6.  Then slowly come to the original position. This is nothing new pose. Some people while standing place the palms on the hip portion to give a majestic look. In the same way it is done with the head down on the ground.

Fruit of Asana

The back bone gets good quantity of blood circulation. Further the back bone will become more flexible. Youth and the flexibility of the back bone are proportional. This asana will help to keep up Brahmacharya. Digestion power is increased. Kidneys will function normally. 

Note: In the creation there is difference in the body structure between male and female. Young ladies before marriage can do this asana, when the uterus is under developing stage. But pregnant ladies should not do this asana. So also during monthly period ladies need not do this asana. Normally in our country young girls get maturity between 14-15 age. They also grow up after maturity. Hence when this asana is practiced at this period all the internal organs will become strong.