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This asana gives a backward bend to the back bone. As the name goes, the pose looks like a plough.


  1. Spread a soft blanket.
  2. Lie down on it in the usual way.
  3. Place both hands on the sides in the usual way, palms facing the ground.
  4. Raise both the legs evenly without bending when the legs are raised the hands should not be taken from the ground.
  5. Making a curve of the spine bring the toes towards the ground away from the head.
  6. Bring the legs further so that the toes touch the ground.
  7. Breathe slowly during asana.
  8. Then come to the original position.

This asana can be practiced in three stages. At the first stage raise the legs half way. Then in the second stage give a bend to the spine so that the toes are nearer to the ground. In the third stage touch the ground with the toes.

There is another variety which is rather difficult. As in Pachamothasana hold the toes with the fingers.

Fruit of Asana

The spinal region get much benefit. This asana removes lethargy. Chronic constipation is removed. Wind trouble in stomach will go away. Liver trouble will be cured. 

Note: Due to physical shape, some may not be able to take the legs, towards back position. Such persons can adopt this easy way. After lying down raise both the legs to the possible extent giving a gap of two feet or so from the ground. Then bring the legs to the original position. Repeat this same six or eight times. This form of practice will enable to bring the legs towards back.